Retaliate is a retro style shooter for Android. Although it looks like a simple game, it has a unique twist. You start with no ammo! You have run out and you must steal your enemies' ammo so you can use it against them. The uniquely challenging gameplay requires you to move into enemies' attacks one instance, while avoiding them the next. The dodging, blocking, and firing all combined come together to create a very intense and enjoyable experience.

  • Challenging And Addicting Gameplay
  • Unique And Innovative Concept
  • Competitive Community
  • Free
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Challenging Gameplay

Retaliate stands on the fine line between enjoyably challenging and frustratingly difficult. The controls are easy to learn but difficult to master. To use your shield tap the left side of your screen, to fire tap the right, and tilt to move. In Retaliate timing is key, you have but a few seconds of shield life at any one point in time to block your enemies' attacks. However, although Retaliate can be a challenge for the most hardcore gamer, the multiple game modes create a environment where anyone can learn the basics on easy and work their way up to extreme.

Unique Concept

Imagine combining Galaga and Kirby. What would you get? It might look something like Retaliate. Retaliate takes the classic scrolling shooter and asks the question "What if this vigilante space hero didn't have infinite ammo?". Well, he would buy a particle consuming shield generator and use his enemies' ammo against them, obviously.


Retaliate fosters competition in many ways. First of all each difficulty mode has Google Play leaderboards for; Highscore, Fastest 100 points, Fastest 500 points, Fastest 1,000 points. In addition to leaderboards there are many built in achievements including everything from "Master Of Retaliation" to "Epic Fail". Lastly there are share buttons for both Facebook and Twitter so that you can easily post your latest scores for all of your friends to see.

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